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Virtual Bee: Work From Home Data Entry

VirtualBee Lionbridge Data Entry Work From Home

VirtualBee Will Pay You To Type At Home!

Update: VirtualBee is now Lionbridge Smart Crowd. 

VirtualBee is one of the most well-known companies hiring independent contractors to type at home.  Work from home data entry is easy work, extra cash, and no phone required. No wonder everybody seems to want this kind of work!

VirtualBee (formerly Key For Cash) started in 2001, and Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (the same company that hires for search engine evaluation jobs) acquired its parent company in 2012. VirtualBee uses crowdsourcing to allow people all over the U.S. and internationally to have home based data entry work on their own schedules.

There are no fees to work with VirtualBee.

Work from home data entry jobs can be difficult to find, but VirtualBee (now Lionbridge) offers data entry and more!

How Does It Work?

Once you are accepted as a keyer all you have to do is login and select work! You may select numeric data, alphabetic, or a combination. VirtualBee’s data entry system provides the work in snippets of images that you will key in.  You only see a portion of the data, and you will have to follow specific instructions for keying depending on the data type.

How’s The Pay?

VirtualBee says that pay is based on the quantity of completed work and that rates may vary. From my research, the general consensus seems to be that pay is around $.30 per 1000 keystrokes for starters.

Pay is by direct deposit or check and you must reach a minimum amount before pay is issued.

The site also mentions that some times of year are slow and work is limited during those periods. But keep in mind that work could be limited or just not available any time so this is strictly extra money work.


The data entry evaluation measures your typing skills and where you rank amongst other applicants. The evaluation shows you exactly how data will be displayed if you are accepted as a keyer.

Acceptance is likely based on your score and if VirtualBee is actively seeking keyers at the time. But according to this thread at, even people who score in the high 90s to 100th percentile sometimes wait months to receive an invitation to work.

Don’t worry if you are not satisfied with your initial score as you can retake the evaluation.


To work as a keyer for VirtualBee, you must

  • be 18 years of age,
  • live in the 48 continental United States, or
  • if you are an international candidate you must be of the age of majority in your country, and you must have maintained a physical presence outside of the U.S. for three consecutive years,
  • be in “good legal standing”,
  • pass the evaluation,
  • and have a computer with access to the internet with a JavaScript-enabled browser.

Apply for Work From Home Data Entry

Apply here and you can take the evaluation in a few steps (the link takes you to VirtualBee’s new home at the Lionbridge Smart Crowd site.  You can find out more about Smart Crowd here).

The evaluation consists of three sections – letters only, dollars only, and numeric. Instructions are provided for each section so make sure to read them thoroughly before you begin.

If you are a VirtualBee keyer let us know in comments. What was your score and how long did it take before you received an invite?


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  • I didn’t really take a data entry test it was more of a reading test that I passed and haven’t heard anything back yet.

  • hi i like the site Virtual Bee but I am afraid it would not work out for me I am from south Africa I am interested in data entry how it will work out cause they say united states I am not from there thanks

  • I am Muhammad Ismail from Pakistan. Am I work like this if I have all other requirements? Plz would you guide me more about it?

    • Hi, Muhammad. According to their application page, Lionbridge requires that you must be at least 18 years old, you must live in your country of residence for the duration of the time you participate with Lionbridge, and you must pass at least one evaluation. I am not directly affiliated with Lionbridge, so if you have additional questions about their requirements, please contact them here.

  • i have registered in virtual bee but i am not getting login page to start data entry work so please help me solve this problem

    • Hi Rajaram. If you’ve taken the necessary evaluations, and you were advised that you’ve been accepted for data entry work, send an email to Lionbridge/the Smart Crowd directly at They might not have data entry work available at this time, but you will need to inquire with them directly.

  • I am very much interested in this type of work. About two and a half years ago I had a sudden total hearing loss in my left ear which the neurologist has determined is permanent. I’m wanting to go back to work. My last position was office manager for a roofing company. Unfortunately, most office positions require you to answer the phone. I believe this type of work would be best for the condition that I have. Have been trying to find legitimate at home work. Will be taking the test shortly.

  • Hi my name is leashia. I am interested in this type of work but I don’t have a computer currently. Is there any way I can still do this on my Android smartphone?

    • Hi Leashia. Though you won’t be able to do data entry work on your phone, Lionbridge has a job opening for Android mobile search reviewers. Go to my work from home leads page, and you’ll find the link there. They are only hiring in 10 states right now, so in case you’re not in one of those states, you could also try VOIQ for some extra cash using your smartphone. Good luck!

  • I scored 99% on my first try over 2 months and still didn’t receive an invitation. I don’t think this is a legit company. Very frusterating for the effort.

    • Hi Corrie. Virtual Bee (now part of Lionbridge’s Smart Crowd) is definitely a legitimate company, and many people have expressed your same concern about high scores, but no invite. Since they’ve changed to the Smart Crowd, there are opportunities for new types of work. If you haven’t already, check out their new site (I’ve updated the links in the post). You might find something else you’re interested in if there is no data entry work available now.

  • I have been working for Virtual Bee for more than a year. It took me a year of testing and getting 98% or better to finally get an invitation. I dont know if that has gotten better. I first applied when they were still Key for Cash. It is all early morning weekday work.

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing this! I saw A LOT of talk about scoring very high on the evaluation, but not getting the invite for several months. I’m not sure if that situation has changed, since now keyers are discussing Virtual Bee’s “change” to Lionbridge’s Smart Crowd, and the potential of picking up new types of work 🙂 .

  • I am be interested in this work and was wondering if you have specifics about the requirements of the company? Such as if they require a set schedule of work hours and days each week or pay period? Also, do you know if a person HAS to be a fast keyer, an accurate keyer, or both? The reason I ask this is that I am disabled from Fibromyalgia and have had it for over 36 years. I feel the impact of those years every day of my life and some days are fair at best. I am no longer a fast nor accurate typist. That along with many other attributes other people take for granted they will always have. My work experience was in Human Resources for the government. Thanks for responding…

    • I was trying to find a way to correct my first sentence in my prior post. I could not find one, so was wanting to say that I should have said “I am interested…” rather than saying “I am be interested…”. So sorry for the error, which is one of my pet peeves….Thank you for letting me post a correction. 🙂

      • Hi Carla, thanks for stopping by. There is no set schedule with VirtualBee. You will be an independent contractor, and you can work whenever and as much as you want as long as work is available. For this type of work, both fast and accurate keying are important. You will be paid by the amount of work you complete, so you will make more money and make the best use of your time if you type quickly with minimal errors.

        Have you checked out the work from home company directory? You may find some other areas of interest there, and I’m working on some updates!

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