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Get Paid To Test Websites From Home

Get paid to test websites and apps

Website owners are serious about making sure that their websites work properly, are easy to use, and are accessible on various devices.

That’s why companies hire website testers to test websites, also known as usability testing or user testing.

Website testing involves reviewing various sites, and recording your observations about navigation, ease of use, whether links work, and any other useful information.

To get a website tester job, you’ll need a computer (sometimes a smartphone or other mobile device), occasionally a webcam, and access to the internet. The pay varies, but on average you can expect to make about $10 for every site you test.

And the best part?

  • Most of these opportunities don’t require previous experience.
  • You’ll get paid to give your opinion!
  • Many of the listed companies contract with people in multiple countries.
  • There’s also the opportunity to test apps and games in some cases.

If you’re concerned that you have no idea how to test a website, don’t worry. A few of the companies give example videos of how it’s done.

Get paid to test websites and apps

Test Websites From Home

1.  Analysia

Testers at Analysia review websites, and record themselves via microphone and screen-recording software, while following specific tasks that the client company requests.

The tasks may include checking links, ordering products, navigation, and more. Testing usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, and each completed test pays $10 via PayPal.

2.  Enroll

Enroll lets you give feedback on website content, logo designs, or complete tasks like ordering or link testing.

You can use your computer (PC or Mac) and mobile devices (Android, iPhone, and tablets) to complete tasks, with compensation through PayPal.

3. provides websites testing, idea and customer discovery feedback, and eventually app testing.

To get started, you must sign up via Amazon Mechanical Turk, and pick up jobs of varying payments there.  If you’re interested in app testing (both Android and iPhone), go directly to’s site.

4.  UsabilityHub

Complete short user tests and design surveys with UsabilityHub.  You must have a PayPal account for payment.

5.  MyCrowd

At MyCrowd, get paid to test websites based on the amount of “bugs” you can find on a given website or app. The company sets a price of how much they pay for each bug found, and testers report the bugs to receive earnings.

You will also be eligible for bonuses and prizes if you find the most bugs.

6.  Testadrome

Test out apps and games on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet required) with Testadrome. You’ll be paid in points that can be exchanged for cash and gifts.  In addition, you will be trained through online modules and tools, and work in teams with other testers.

Part of the promise of this opportunity is that the training and experience earned can get you a better paying job as a professional tester in the software industry.

7.  Testbirds

Get paid to test websites, games, and apps on any device with an internet connection with Testbirds.

Pay depends on the task you complete, but a standard usability test pays about 20 Euros or 15 pounds (just over $20 USD).

8.  TestingTime

TestingTime testers need a computer with Skype capabilities, a microphone, and a webcam in order to test websites with a client.

You’ll be invited to test via email when your profile matches a customer order, and you can be asked to test a website once or twice a week.

Earn up to 50 Euros (just over $50 USD) depending on the length of the test. You’ll be paid within 10 days to your bank account or PayPal account.

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9.  Try My UI 

Try MY UI focuses on testing websites for usability, so you’ll capture video of your computer screen (screencast) while recording your impressions (via microphone) about the website’s design, and complete specific tasks the client is testing for.

Tests range from 15 to 20 minutes long, and you’ll be paid $10 for every test.

10. Userbrain

At Userbrain, you start testing by recording an example video. Once approved, you can start doing paid website tests (from 5 to 10 minutes long), and get paid $3 for each video.

Both computers and mobile devices can be used for testing, but priority is given to testers using a desktop.

11. UserFeel

With UserFeel, you’ll conduct usability tests by creating videos of your website reviews, and speaking your feedback through a computer microphone.

At the end of each test, you will also provide written responses to specific questions. You can expect to earn $10 a test, with an average of $100-200 a month.

12. Userlytics

Userlytics pays $10 for each test you complete. Each test asks for your feedback on the website’s design, how it compares to a competitor’s website, and how easy it is to navigate or use the site and its various components.

To start testing, you’ll need a Mac or PC, webcam, microphone, and high-speed internet access.

13. UTest

At UTest, you sign up to get access to the job board, where you can pick jobs based on your profile compatibility.

Most of these jobs require testing on a mobile device, though many are website tests on desktop/laptop computers (PC or Mac). UTest provides access to various courses to help you enhance your skills as a usability tester.

14. UserTesting

UserTesting website and app testing pays $10 for each 20-minute session, where you’ll follow instructions from the client, record your impressions and thoughts, and complete various other tasks.

15. UserZoom

Perform a variety of recorded tasks via computer or mobile device with UserZoom.  You must have a PayPal account for payment.

16. Whatusersdo

Whatusersdo website testers need a PC, Netbook, or Mac, with a microphone and broadband connection, in order to conduct and record tests.

Once you complete a sample recording/audition, you will be asked to join the Whatusersdo panel and receive invitations to test via email. Payments vary, but you’ll be paid via PayPal once a month.

There are so many options to get paid to test websites and apps!

You can get a great start earning extra money from home as you rotate between these companies, or find the best fit for you. Let me know which ones you enjoy using.

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