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Humanatic: Review Calls and Get Paid

Humanatic: Listen To Calls For Extra Cash

Humanatic pays home agents to listen to and categorize recorded business phone calls.

You can work at home (or anywhere) and make extra money without making or receiving calls. All you need is your computer and speakers, and a verified PayPal account.

Sound good? Here’s a breakdown of how Humanatic works.

Humanatic pays home agents to listen to and categorize recorded business phone calls. You can work at home (or anywhere) and make extra money without making or receiving calls! All you need is your computer and speakers, and a verified PayPal account.

What is Humanatic?

Humanatic (pronounced Human-atic) is an offshoot of Century Interactive, a Dallas-based call tracking company. The company currently employs full-time team members, as well as over 50,000 independent call reviewers (called “Humans”).

The idea behind Humanatic is that phone calls provide a trove of actionable information for a business, but listening to and sorting calls takes a lot of time and effort.

The company partners the Humanatic software with human call reviewers to review and sort recorded sales calls, and provide businesses with valuable data.

What Kind of Calls?

Humanatic reviewers listen to calls from all kinds of businesses, from car dealerships to doctors’ offices. One of the goals of the service is to help businesses ensure that valuable calls don’t slip through the cracks.

For example, if a potential customer calls a car dealership to inquire about buying a car, it’s critical to the dealership that the caller is assisted by a qualified sales person. As a Humanatic call reviewer, you listen to the recorded call, determine whether the caller was connected to a qualified employee, and mark it accordingly.

What Are The Hours?

You can log on to the system to review calls at any time. You’re not required to work a minimum amount of time, so you can do as much or as little as you like.

Your ability to work will be affected by the number of calls available, and this varies. I’ve logged in to find thousands of calls available in a category, only to be at 0 several minutes later. But the queues don’t remain empty for long.

What Does Humanatic Pay?

Pay is very low; less than a cent to a few cents per every call completed and marked accurately.  Your earning potential is affected by your accuracy and speed, though choosing the correct call status trumps how fast you mark it. There are also several call categories, and each pays differently.

You will only have access to the lowest-paying categories as a new reviewer, but you can “unlock” the others by accurately reviewing calls in the initial categories.

You’ll be paid weekly via Paypal, but you must have a balance of at least $10 to request a payout.

While working as a Humanatic reviewer won’t bring in a full-time income, it is a legitimate way to make some extra money from home.

When you are accepted as a reviewer, you’ll get access to the Humanatic Leaderboard where you’ll find that top earners are making $20, $30, or even more per day. Considering the low pay per call, I was very surprised to see this!  It’s nice to know that the potential for $400+ a month is there, but I would think that the top earners work many hours, or they are just super efficient.

I am reviewing calls while editing this post (how’s that for easy 🙂 ), and I was surprised with a couple of bonuses for correctly marking audited calls. Though the bonuses aren’t much, they are a nice touch.

How To Apply

Joining is easy. There are no fees or background checks, but you must have a verified PayPal account.

Your first step is to log in to your PayPal account from the Humanatic website. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can create one and join Humanatic after it’s verified.

You will then provide basic information:

  • your name and email address
  • your country of residence
  • whether you speak Spanish
  • brief employment history
  • acceptance of terms and conditions

You’ll receive an email with your Humanatic account information and instructions if you’ve been approved as a reviewer.

I’ve only been reviewing calls for a few days as of the date of this post, and despite the low pay per call, I enjoy it.  I’ve actually reviewed calls as a break from actual work.

Questions About Humanatic

If you have additional questions about Humanatic, whether you’re just getting started or you have an existing account, check out their FAQs and Forum.

Are you already a Humanatic reviewer?  Share your experience in comments!


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