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Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities Do Exist

Legitimate work from home opportunities

Do you know people who think that legitimate work from home opportunities are the stuff of fairy tales, and they think you’ve gotten into the fairy dust for believing otherwise? It actually makes perfect sense why companies are thinking outside of the office.


Why Do Companies Offer Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities?

1. Because they can!

Work from home jobs are made possible due to advances in technology.

The advent of communication platforms such as instant messaging and web conferencing, along with the increase in high-speed internet availability has made work from home not only possible, but desirable for employees and employers.

Due to continuous advances in better and cheaper technology, you have the ability to get paid for your skills from the comfort of your own home office.

2. Companies offer legitimate work from home opportunities because it positively affects their bottom lines. Home based work is as beneficial for the companies offering the opportunities as it is for you.

There are plenty of legitimate work from home opportunities! Here's why...

Cost Savings

Organizations that allow telecommuting realize substantial savings, even if a large portion of employees are still bound to the office full time.

Just consider what the power bill must be for the typical office building!

Large companies save millions by offering legitimate work from home opportunities, because when employees are at home the company does not need to provide utilities, office equipment (though some employers provide equipment to their home-based employees), or the office space to house their workforce. These are just some of the ways companies save money.

Even if employees only work from home a day or two per week, cost savings are significant.

And savings can be significant for you as well!

When you consider the cost of gas or public transportation, parking, clothing specifically for work, meals, and any other work-related expenses, it can add up to quite a number.

Larger and More Diverse Workforce

Companies that only hire an office-based workforce limit themselves to candidates who live near enough to justify the commute.

By offering the opportunity to work from home, companies increase their reach to potential candidates that may live hundreds of miles away, or even on the other side of the world!

Along with the ability to recruit from a nationwide or even international candidate pool, companies increase their access to people with specialized skills.

They also gain access to those who may require a more flexible working situation. Employers realize that they don’t want to miss out on skilled and capable people such as

  • stay-at-home parents,
  • retirees,
  • military spouses,
  • disabled workers,
  • caregivers,
  • and students

simply because they may require the ability to work from home and/or a portable position.

Business Continuity

Have you ever missed work days due to inclement weather? Have you worked for an employer where work increased seasonally, and you were expected to work additional hours to meet the demand?

A remote workforce lessens the stresses of these common scenarios. With employees spread out across the country or world, interruptions in operations in one location or the need to quickly ramp up or scale down is accomplished with greater ease and efficiency.

For you, this means picking up the slack from the comfort of your own home, many times based on hours that you choose for yourself.

More Reasons

As if the first three reasons aren’t compelling enough for legitimate work from home jobs,  companies may also consider additional factors.

Some organizations may offer virtual jobs to help the environment.  People working at home means less vehicles on the roads, so less carbon emissions.

Companies also know that many employees are happier and less stressed when able to work from home.  Executives report gains in productivity and decreases in turnover for telecommuting employees.

So the real question is, Why not offer home based job opportunities?

There are more than enough reasons for companies to do so: save money, put more people to work, keep business running, and more.

People who believe that real work from home jobs do not exist just haven’t taken the time to review the bigger picture yet, or they don’t know how to identify scams.

Legitimate work from home jobs are a win-win proposition, especially when you’ve done your research and have realistic expectations.

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