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Get Free Products Just for Giving Your Opinions with PINCHme!

PINCHme Review

If you don’t mind trying products and sharing your opinions about them, you could be a PINCHme Pincher!

If you don’t mind trying free product samples and sharing your opinions about them, you could be a product tester with PINCHme! Become a Pincher and give nothing but your opinions!

Become a Product Tester With PINCHme!

What Is a Pincher?

Pinchers are product testers. They receive free product samples, try the products, and provide honest feedback.

If you sign up for a free account, and follow through with your promise to deliver feedback on all free samples that you receive, you’re a Pincher.

You will receive free products that you or members of your household may enjoy, but you have the following responsibilities in exchange for the free samples:

  • Keep your PINCHme profile updated so the site can match you to the most appropriate samples. The samples are released on designated days once a month, and data in your profile must qualify you to receive each sample offered.
  • Check the website on release day to see if you qualify for samples, and place your order. You should receive a box containing all of your ordered samples within two weeks.
  • Give each free sample that you receive an honest try.
  • Provide feedback on for each product that you sample. You have 60 days to do this, and the feedback form appears on the website two weeks after you receive the sample.

Pincher Qualifications

The only qualifications are that you have an address within the 48 contiguous states where you can receive your box of PINCHme samples each month, and that you are at least 18 years old.
Shipping is not offered for addresses in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you shop often, or you are the primary shopper for your household, you’re more likely to qualify for free samples than someone who doesn’t use many products or who doesn’t make many buying decisions.

You are never guaranteed to qualify for the free samples offered, but you do have complete control over which samples you receive. This allows you to determine how often you want to participate.

Why Do Companies Give Free Samples?

All companies must create products that consumers want to buy, and then they must convince a large percentage of their target market that they are the best brand to purchase. They can’t meet
these two goals without hearing what members of their target market really think about their products.

The problem is that many consumers don’t want to spend time filling out surveys and questionnaires about the products that they buy.

The solution is to offer free samples to a targeted group of consumers in exchange for honest feedback. PINCHme is a service that connects businesses to consumers willing to participate in that exchange.

There are now more than two million Pinchers, and everyone wins!

You get to try out new products, or perhaps save a little money by using a free sample of a product that you already love. Each company receives the consumer feedback that they need to perfect
and market their products.

If you currently use a competing brand, a company may even win you over as a new customer through PINCHme, though market research is the primary reason that most businesses participate.

How It All Works

Once you sign up for your free account at, you will answer a series of questions that will serve as your profile so that PINCHme can match you with samples.

You could receive food and beverage samples, personal care items, household items, or even products to try out for your pets!

If you qualify for any of the samples currently available, you will have the option to order those samples right away.

If you are not qualified, the website countdown will tell you when the next samples will be available. You can also follow PINCHme on social media to receive notifications of sample availability.

Return to your profile before the next sample release date to check for new questions that may qualify you for more samples. As new companies offer samples through the program, new questions will appear to qualify Pinchers for those samples.

Once you qualify for samples, place your order and wait for your box of goodies to arrive.

You never have to pay anything, and PINCHme does not ask for your credit card or other payment information.

What should you do when your box arrives?

Try the products!

Go back to the website within 60 days to fill out a short survey to share your opinion on each product. PINCHme will provide that information to the companies, and you get to keep the products!

Does PINCHme sound like something you’d like to try, or are you already a Pincher?  Share in comments!


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