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Search Engine Evaluator Job: Popular Non-Phone Work

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

A search engine evaluator job is a non-phone option that pays about $12 hour to help search engines provide accurate search results.

You type a search term into your favorite search engine and seconds later you have pages and pages of websites as a result. And most of them give you exactly the kind of information you were looking for when you typed in that term.

But have you ever wondered how search engines provide those results? In addition to the talents of various engineers and analysts, one of the ways is search engine evaluation.

A search engine evaluator job lets you surf the web and get paid to do it!

What Is A Search Engine Evaluator Job?

Search engine evaluators help improve the quality of search results by providing feedback about page relevance and usefulness.

Though search results are largely determined by ever-changing algorithms, companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing contract with human evaluators to act as the typical searcher and determine whether the results that engines serve up are accurate and meet search intent.

You might also see the search engine evaluator job with the titles Ad Rater, Search Assessor, or Quality Rater. Most companies hire globally for these positions.


Companies state that they are looking for people who enjoy internet research and are familiar with social and web culture. Some will require a college degree or some college coursework.

You will need to pass qualification tests before you can start a search engine evaluator job. In most cases you will be provided with study guides and testing may take several hours to complete.

How Much Does It Pay?

The pay rate for these positions typically is not published, but you can generally expect around $12 or 13 per hour as an independent contractor (ZeroChaos will hire you as an employee). Search engine evaluation is usually part time up to 25 hours a week.


Many people report that they enjoy the pay and flexibility of the search engine evaluator job. Most companies allow evaluators to work whenever they like as long as the total required hours are met. And in some cases meeting performance standards may lead to offers to work on other projects.

But some evaluators report that guidelines change often and keeping up with standards can be a lengthy process. They also mention that there are times that work is not available so income isn’t always reliable. And some companies only pay once a month, though ZeroChaos pays weekly.

Who Hires Search Engine Evaluators?

Click View Current Opportunities then select Web Search Evaluation in the area of interest box. Appen also hires for transcription and translation. Also select Remote, Global in the Country search box to view other work home positions.

Hires Ads Quality Raters, but you will need to search for the position at or   ZeroChaos pays weekly and you are hired as an employee.

iSoftStone hires search engine and ad evaluators, and crowdworkers.

Leapforce hires search engine evaluators.

Lionbridge hires for various assessor positions, including Social Media, Web Content, and Ads Assessors.

Are you currently working as a search engine evaluator? I would love to know what your experience has been and any advice you might have to offer.  Share in comments!


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