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Sell Your Stuff Online For Cash Using These Sites

Your home is full of things that are worth money! If you are looking to part with some of your old things, it's easy to sell your stuff online for cash.

Your home is full of things that are worth money! If you are looking to part with some of your old things, it’s easy to sell your stuff online for cash.  And don’t worry about where to sell your used items, here are some great sites.

Your home is full of things that are worth money! If you are looking to part with some of your old things, it's easy to sell your stuff online for cash.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Sell Your Books Online

For most sites all you need to do is type in a book’s ISBN to receive a quote, ship your books for free, and receive payment after your shipment is received and processed.

ValoreBooks will let you sell, buy, and even rent textbooks.

BookScouter lists offers from over 30 buyback vendors who may be interested in your used books and textbooks. In addition to the payment offer, BookScouter provides ratings for each vendor to help you choose. When you find an offer and vendor you like, click on the link to complete the selling process.

Barnes & Noble only buys books mailed from the United States. You must have at least $10 worth of books to sell, and you can choose to be paid by check or PayPal.

Cash4Books buys college textbooks primarily, but they sometimes purchase other books. You are paid via check or PayPal.

eCampus pays you via check, direct deposit, or in-store credit. In addition to the buyback program, eCampus offers a marketplace where you can list your books, but they will charge you a 15% commission fee for each item.

Sell Your Clothing Online

thredUP accepts like-new women’s and children’s clothing. An account is necessary before accessing the site, which can be done with your Facebook or Amazon login. You just fill a provided bag with the clothes you want to sell. thredUP will pay you a percentage of the anticipated selling price for the items, either immediately with thredUP credit or 14 days later through PayPal or a Visa prepaid card. Some of your items may be considered consignment items, and you’ll receive a different pay percentage.

Tradesy allows you to list your designer bags, accessories, shoes, clothing, and even wedding items for sale. Tradesy will suggest a price for you and send you a free shipping kit with box and label. Tradesy charges a commission for your sales. You can use your earnings to shop on Tradesy, or choose payment via PayPal, your checking account, or debit card.

Sell Your Cell Phones/Devices/Electronics Online

Gazelle will give you a free offer on your electronic gadgets. They inspect, certify, and resell the electronics they receive including iPhones, cell phones, iPads, tablets, iPods, and Apple computers. You can ship your item for free to Gazelle, and get paid by check, Amazon.com gift card, or PayPal.

uSell works as the middle man for their list of professional buyers. You get an immediate list of offers and a pre-paid shipping kit for your cell phone, iPods, iPads, tablets, Macbooks, game consoles, video games, and textbooks. The buyer pays within five business days of receiving the item, and you receive payment via check or PayPal.

Swappa allows you to set up a free listing with pictures for your iPhone, smartphone, or tablet. You will receive payment via PayPal , and according to Swappa, first-time sellers receive payment before you even ship your item.

NextWorth offers an instant quote based on your description, and they will offer more if they find the item to be in better condition upon inspection. They also provide a free UPS shipping label and insurance. NextWorth will wipe personal information from your device for you. You are paid via PayPal or check.

Glyde accepts iPads, smartphones, Macbooks, tablets, and video games. Transfer your earnings to your bank account, get paid in bitcoins, or receive a check in the mail.

Sell Various Items Online

Amazon Trade-In lets you sell your items to Amazon and they pay you with an Amazon gift card. They provide a free shipping label and accept a variety of items, including tablets, phones, cameras, books, video games, wearables, MP3 players, DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, and other electronics.

letgo is an app that lets you sell your used stuff locally in the United States. There are no fees, and you are responsible for creating the listings, dealing with buyer, and getting the item to the buyer. The item categories include fashion and accessories, home and garden, electronics, even cars and motors, plus more!

There are many options to sell your stuff online, and these are just a few. I will update this list with more sites to sell items online.

This post contains affiliate links, and I only recommend products/services that I trust. You can learn more in the Disclosure.


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  • Thank you so much for this list of several sights to sell your stuff online. Most people know about Ebay and Craigslist, but I like to have more options. It is more effective to find a site that targets specific needs. When I want to sell my video games, it is best to find an electronics site.

  • I am just in the midst of spring cleaning (I am trying the joy of tidying up method) but have the unfortunate reality of my husband having recently lost his job, so our old electronics need to fetch us a bit of cash. I will check out the sites you recommended… haven’t heard of several of them, like uSell. I was actually considering using a company called Orchard and I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with this service? They’re at http://www.getorchard.com/us

  • I’ve been using Webstore.com for quite a while now with great success. It’s just like eBay but 100% free. No commissions, no insertion fees, no final value fees, there isn’t even any financial details required to sign up, just the bare minimum: name, email, etc. Please check it out.

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