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TranscribeMe is an international company with three headquarters based in the United States, New Zealand, and Japan.  TranscribeMe uses technology and crowdsourcing to turn audio and video files into text with an international community of transcribers. TranscribeMe supports corporate, academic, legal, medical, and other clients in need of transcription services.

TranscribeMeTranscribeMe Online Transcription

Everyone starts as a general transcriber. Transcribers work at home providing online transcription of short audio clips or videos. If you’re not familiar with transcription, this guide to work at home transcription will give you more information, as well as resources for practice.

TranscribeMe offers general transcribers growth within the company. You will be given the opportunity to complete training modules to improve your skills. As you improve and demonstrate quality output over time, you can move into Quality Assurance and Reviewer roles. You can even eventually progress to part-time or full-time salaried work in project management, customer service, or recruiting!


You can expect to earn $20 per audio hour for general transcription projects. According to TranscribeMe, the average monthly earnings of a general transcriber is $250, with monthly earning potential of $2,200. You can request payment weekly via PayPal.

Legal and medical transcription pays a different rate based on the specialized knowledge required.


You can work at your leisure, from wherever you want, and choose as many hours as you like as long as work is available.

Technical Requirements

The only technical requirements needed to begin as a transcriber are a “reasonable computer” that can install and use Google Chrome and a reliable internet connection. To access, listen, and transcribe any audio, you will have to use TranscribeMe’s WorkHub. The WorkHub interface is only compatible with a Chrome web browser.

Other Requirements

TranscribeMe hires workers from around the world, and there is no upfront investment.

You need to have a good grasp of English grammar rules and American English accents in order to accurately transcribe the audio clips and projects. A good typing speed will also help you transcribe the audio efficiently.

Application Process

The application process is very straightforward.  After you register and pass a training and exam course, you will have access to paid work.

TranscribeMe is a great way for a beginner to get started with remote transcription.  They provide a truly a flexible job that allows you the opportunity to move into a salaried position.

Do you have experience with TranscribeMe? Share in comments!


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  • Be advised: They say no experience is required, but they do require you pass a test that consists of 10 questions and 3 transcriptions — and you must pass all 13 items 100% to move forward. If you fail one transcription, you fail the entire thing and must retake it. They also will not let you know what you missed that caused you to fail that piece, either. There is a guide that let’s you know some BASICS about transcribing for their company, but it doesn’t provide enough examples or information, in my opinion, to adequately help you pass all of the required tests. I’m not a computer novice, and am currently a freelance writer, but the transcriptions for this test (that you can do with no experience, yeah right) are proving to be extremely difficult. I have used 2 of my 5 re-takes, and have finally gotten to passing 2 of the 3 transcriptions, but without knowing what it is I’m doing wrong, it’s hard to know what to correct. This company would be better suited to give more guidance and more info in their guide, again, in my opinion.

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