Big List of Companies With Work From Home Jobs In California

Work From Home Jobs In California

Availability of work from home jobs in California appears to be on the rise, but compared to many other states there are fewer employers that hire a remote California workforce.

This could be for a variety of reasons, including labor laws and regulations that may be specific to California.

However, there are employers that do offer legitimate work at home jobs to Californians in a variety of industries.

Customer service is the most represented industry on this list, but I’ve also included many others.

Customer service representatives, nurses, management analysts, teachers, and accountants and bookkeepers are among California occupations with the most job openings 2012-2022.  You’ll find companies that employ all those professions and more on this list.

Though the companies listed here offer work from home jobs in California, many hire people in most states and some hire nationwide.

Have you been looking for legitimate work from home jobs in California? Look no further! Here's a big list of companies that hire Californians (and others) to work remotely.

Companies Offering Work From Home Jobs In California

Please note the E or IC to indicate whether the company will hire you as an employee or an independent contractor.  Some may hire for both classifications depending on the job.  I can not guarantee that these companies are actively hiring, so bookmark this page for easy reference.

1.  ACD Direct   IC
Take incoming calls regarding donations and fundraising campaigns.

2.  Aetna   E
Aetna is one of the country’s largest health insurers (and one on my list of companies offering work from home nursing jobs), and hires home-based employees in various roles, including customer service, management, nursing, and IT.  When searching jobs on the Aetna careers page, select Yes in the “Potential Telework Position” box, and you have the option to select only the California locations.

3.  Amazon   E
Amazon hires for professional positions across the United States.

4.  American Express   E
Work at home jobs in California include the popular Travel Counselor positions, as well as other professional roles.  To make your search easier, type virtual in the “Search for a job” box and select United States in the location drop down box on the Careers page.

5.  Anthem, Inc.   E
Anthem is a health benefits provider with work from home jobs available in various roles.  A quick search gave me work from home jobs in nursing, benefits management, and program management.

6.  Appen   IC
Hires web and social media evaluators across the USA.

7.  Apple   E
You can work as an At Home Advisor, At Home Team Manager, or At Home Area Manager.  Apple provides an iMac and headset, and will even reimburse you for a portion of your internet service cost.  Check out some FAQs about the Apple At Home Advisor position.

8.  Advantmed   E
Advantmed is a healthcare information management company based in Santa Ana, CA.  As of the date of this post, there is a Remote Customer Service Representative job posting available via Advantmed was once RecordFlow (the company rebranded late last year), and you can still find jobs – remote and otherwise – at Advantmed invites job seekers to email them at to inquire about employment, and you should mention jobs from both sites if you are interested.

9.   E has headquarters in Palo Alto, and may occasionally have work from home positions available in Customer Support.

10.  Buffer   E
Buffer has a team of people working remotely across four continents. Any of their open positions is open for anywhere in the world, and they also made my list of companies that allow Mac computers.

11.  Bunny, Inc.   E
Bunny provides professional services including voice overs, content creation, and more. It appears that for many of their remote positions they are open to hiring candidates from around the world.

12.  CallCenterQA   IC
Work as a telephone mystery shopper nationwide.

13.   E
I’ve seen two work from home jobs in California from – Remote Member Care Representative and Backup Care Specialist (this position has also been offered part-time only). As of the date of this post, the Backup Care Specialist job is an active posting, and it is designated for the Bay Area.

14.  ContractWorld   IC
Become a Remote Contract Agent taking inbound calls from companies like Pizza Hut and The Shopping Channel.

15.  DionData Solutions   IC
Work from home as a Data Entry Operator.  This is a popular position, so it’s not likely to be regularly available.

16.  Direct Interactions   IC
Direct Interactions contracts with home-based agents to take inbound customer service calls.

17.  Doctor On Demand   E
Doctor on Demand connects patients to live, US-licensed doctors via video. As of the date of this post, there are open positions for remote Customer Service Representatives and a Member Support Manager. The company has headquarters in San Francisco.

18.  DoorDash   IC
DoorDash offers work from home jobs in California and across the United States. Work as an Order Placer calling in to-go orders, earning $10-$15 per hour.

19.   IC
Work from home in California and across the United States as an independent writer for  Professional writing experience is not required.

20.  Fancy Hands   IC
Work as a Virtual Assistant with Fancy Hands. They occasionally have other remote positions available as well.

21.  Firegang Dental Marketing   not sure whether E or IC
Work from home in California or anywhere in the US as a Phone Sales Support Representative.

22.  Foodler   not sure whether E or IC
Online ordering service for restaurants that hires Customer Service Representatives to act as an intermediary between customers and restaurants.  You will need to search for this job on

23.  Grindstone   IC
Grindstone hires experienced business-to-business telemarketers.

24.  Intuit   E
Intuit’s work from home jobs consist mostly of seasonal accounting positions, but they also hire full-time permanent in California.

25.  iSoftStone   IC
Hires search engine evaluators and data collection crowdworkers.

26.  K12   E
K12 provides online education options, and hires virtual educators and other staff.

27.  Leapforce   IC
Hires search engine evaluators.

28.  Lionbridge / The Smart Crowd   IC
Lionbridge is probably best known for hiring search engine evaluators/internet assessors (positions are sometimes state-specific), and now data entry keyers (since they acquired Virtual Bee). But Lionbridge also hires telephonic interpreters and translators.  Here’s the Careers page that will link you to all their opportunities

29.  Magoosh   IC
Magoosh offers online test prep for GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, Praxis and LSAT. They hire remote test prep experts, bloggers, and content creators. Magoosh is based in Berkeley, CA.

30.  NexRep   IC
Contracts with sales, service, and tech support agents in the United States.

31.  Nordstrom   E
Nordstrom hires Member Care Representatives to work from home in California. When you search for this position on the Careers site (you can also check, don’t confuse the work from home position with jobs labeled “At Home”.  Nordstrom’s department dedicated to goods for the home is called “At Home”, and people sometimes think these are the home-based positions.

32.  Paperless Post   E
Paperless Post sells online and paper stationery, and they hire remote User Support Representatives and possibly other remote positions.  The support role is likely not frequently available.

33.  Pathmatics   likely E
Pathmatics has advertised for a part-time, remote Data Entry Clerk to work 20-25 hours per week.  This position may not be available regularly.  

34.  Pearl Interactive Network   likely IC
Provides program management and contact center staffing services, with a social mission of creating jobs for disabled veterans, veterans, military spouses, people with disabilities, and people living in geographically-challenged areas.  As of the date of this post, they have 2 positions open for anywhere in the U.S. – Captioning/Transcription Specialist and Document Remediation Specialist.

35.  Princess Cruises   E
Princess Cruises hires work at home Customer Services Representatives.  Interviews were slated to be scheduled for the first week of this month, so check often via the company site and to see if the position will be posted again.  If interviews prove to be successful this month, the position may not be posted again for a while.

36.  Saddleback Leather   E
Saddleback ocassionally has a Customer Service Guru position available for anywhere in the continental United States, though priority is given to candidates who live in Texas.

37.  Salesforce   E
Salesforce has work from home jobs in California, and across the United States, in various roles.  Use search term “California – Remote” or select it from the location dropdown box using Advanced Search.

38.  Shutterstock   IC
Shutterstock is a content licensing company providing stock photos, videos, and other content for download.  Work from home jobs include Image Reviewer (open now in California as of the date of this post), Footage Reviewer, and Vector & Illustration Image Reviewer.

39.  Shyp   E
Shyp’s work from home jobs in California include a remote Customer Experience Representative.  Shyp is a mobile app and service based in San Francisco.

40.  SigTrack   IC
According to SigTrack’s site, you will process voter registrations and petition signatures.  You must have dual monitors to be a SigTrack freelancer.

41.  Stitch Fix   IC
Stitch Fix hires online stylists residing in Sacramento, San Diego, and the North Bay and South Bay areas.

42.   E hires Remote Services Technicians and other roles.  The company has headquarters in Redwood City, California.

43.  Sutherland   E
Sutherland hires work from home customer service, sales, and tech support agents.

44.  Talk2Rep   E
Talk2Rep hires virtual Sales Chat Agents and Customer Service Representatives in the U.S.

45.  U-Haul   E
Work as a home sales or service agent.  There have been some questions about whether U-Haul accepts California applicants.  A U-Haul Human Resources representative confirmed that they do hire California residents.

46.  Varsity Tutors   IC
Tutor students online with a flexible schedule and flexible location.

47.  VIPKid   IC
Work part-time as an online ESL teacher.

48.  Williams-Sonoma   E
Assist Williams-Sonoma’s customers as a home-based Customer Service Agent.  Training is onsite.  You’ll get a discount on Williams-Sonoma merchandise, too!  In many cases, the customer service position is advertised on

49.  Xerox   E
Xerox hires for various work from home jobs in California, including administrative support, business analysts, technical support, and even nurses.

50.  ZeroChaos   E
Hires Ads Quality Raters, but you will need to search for the position at or  ZeroChaos pays weekly and you are hired as an employee.

If you know of other companies that provide work from home jobs in California, please share in comments.


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Updated: December 10, 2017


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